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Facts and Hints About The Game Angry Birds

There are over 1 billion downloads across all platforms for the Angry Birds game, which includes regular and special editions. What's more, its characters are quite marketable as well, such that there are now long-term plans for a television series. With that said, the game that people are most familiar with... the downloadable Angry Birds Online game that's available for free... only features three of the many titular Angry Birds, which is the Red Bird (named Red), the Blue Birds (named Blue Jim, Blue Jay, and Blue Jake), and the Yellow Bird (named Chuck) as well as the White Bird (Matilda) and the Black Bird (Bomber).


The Special Edition Angry Birds


There are many other specialty birds that most people don't know about if they didn't buy the special editions, and they include:


·         Stella: Stella is the pink bird that releases bubbles. These bubbles envelop objects then lift them up into the air. When the bubbles pop, the objects drop, dealing a huge amount of damage on anyone nearby.

·         Bubbles: Bubbles is an orange bird that puffs up like a puffer fish when you tap him, his ballooned body pushing everything out of his way.

·         Terrence: This is a large version of Red. He's a slow Angry Bird, but his sheer size is enough to produce massive straightforward damage; certainly a lot more damage than a regular Red deals. He's particularly useful in moving a multitude of blocks.

·         Al: He is a green toucan that can be used as a boomerang of sorts, which means you can miss the target by a large margin yet still hit it thanks to Al's reverse direction effects. You can also sling Al in the opposite direction yet have him come back and hit your target regardless as well.

·         The Mighty Eagle: This www.angrybirdsjournal.com , for the longest time, is capable of wiping out all pigs in a level. He can only be availed once you pay the one-time activation fee.

·         The Might Dragon: Operates like the Mighty Eagle, available in the Year of the Dragon episode.

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