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Build a Pirate Ship with Free Minecraft


Building a ship in free Minecraft can be one of the most difficult things to build. Its shapes are very difficult to create without making it weird.                Follow the following guidelines to help you.


Guide in Building a Pirate Ship in free Minecraft

1.    Build aship is best done by planning your design first. Find a place in a body of water to build up your ship. Swim to the bottom of the water and column up to the surface.Build one strip of blocks 3 blocks under the water. After, build 25 blocks across.You could make your own themed boats. Destroy the original support column.

2.    Extend the hull. Build 3 rows across the original one row. Extend also the hull more by placing 5 more blocks across the three rows. Carved out your hull into a “V” shape.

3.    Form another layer on top of that goes out one block and up by two. Fill in the ends of the bottom part of the boat add a ceiling on it.

4.    Now, build the middle part of the ship by going 1 block outwards and 4 upwards. Close the middle part by making a ceiling but still make an opening on the ceiling. Build some stairs and some cabins.

5.    Start decorating your ship, especially the rooms. Fill the lower section of the ship with chests to hold all your pirate booty.

6.    At the back part of the ship, build your own cabin and decorate it.

7.    Now, build a tall mast with two branches. The sail starts on the first branch and the second branch it where it ends.

8.    Build the sail and build it with a curve. Build a ladder up in the center of the mast. Build also small crows nests.

9.    Build the front of the deck of the ship. Add some stairs from the deck into your captain’s cabin. Decorate all the decks of your boat. On front of the ship, build a figurehead.

10.  Finally, build a plank so that your enemies will be forced to walk off from your way.

Reference taken from here http://getminecraftforfree.org/enjoy-minecraft-for-free/

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