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Limited Budget but Still Want to Know How to Download Minecraft


For gamers around the world, they have at least heard of Minecraft. Some of them are hooked to it, because of the unique gaming experience when people start playing. It first came out for public release in 2009 and since then has accumulated a total of 20 million gamers. Thanks to the Swedish game developer Markus “Notch” Persson and the collaboration with the company Mojang, Minecraft has become one of the mainstream games. This sandbox/survival genre of game has received five awards in 2011 alone which includes the Best Downloadable Game Award and the Innovation Award by the Game Developers Choice Award. It also received recognition in 2012 under the category for Best Downloadable Game, taking the award Golden Joystick Award in their bags.

The Stimulating World of Minecraft

Minecraft features a world like no other, because it is based on the player’s imagination. There may be optional goals, but this is only if the gamer choose to play this way. Ever since it was released, there have been different modifications that were structured from the inputs of the game testers and the actual gamers themselves.

Minecraft prides into giving the players freedom to create a world where the only limit is the imagination. This is while keeping the challenge for the gamers in terms of the presences of the creatures in the game that poses different levels of difficulty as the player levels up.

The game is downloadable for a $25 fee. But, for people who do not have the budget yet but still wants to know how to download Minecraft, there is another way.  There are websites who pay people by answering the available surveys in their pages. This is how some people pay for the game and after finding out about this method, they even use paid surveys for getting additional income. It is an easy process anyway. Go here to see, what author recommends. http://getminecraftforfree.org/play-minecraft-online/


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